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Eclectic Orchestra I Wonder CD
I Wonder World Wide Release

Heath Garrard
Heavy metal maestro & guitarist extraordinaire
Poet & philosopher
Science fiction writer
Paranormal Investigator on the "WPRS" Wyoming Paranormal Research Society team
Writer guitarist singer / songwriter
and half of the heavy metal duo powerhouse “Within”

Stardust Origins -- from the raw rough master tapes
currently being re-mastered at Sounds Great Finishing Lab
Heath's Lyrics & Photos

Peace of Hope
A televised performance of an original song Confusion
by the constantly performing band Peace of Hope
and the song
The Stake from the Televised Rock Show Covers Tribute CD

New Rap & Hip Hop Artist YYY
Sounds Great Studio Project
Recline part 1 - Recline part 2 - Recline part 3
Spanishy 1 - Spanishy 2
Rap from the land of the midnight sun, the great white north, Anchorage angst.

Fen Hollen - Alternative Folk
From the CD Sprouts
A Sounds Great Studio Project
Journey & Reflection - Far Away (intro) - Givin' In (intro )- Voyage Inside
An exceptional new band with heartfelt
lyrics pulling from Alternative Folk roots and rocking through
soaring melodies with unique transitions and changes.

The Best of Parker Dance
Show Video Archives DVD Dance Highlights

Kenneth Thompson - Crossroads DVD

Live Bootleg Restoration Roger Waters
Live KAOS Tour

Live Eclectic Colfax Avenue Video Clip
From the Live DVD Video

Love Just Walked In Through the Door
Early Vocal Demo
Yon / Snipes

Spirits - Eclecticity (updated sound clip)
A Sleepy Refrain
Snipes / Mummert

Gary is currently finishing 2 new songs,
“We Just Wanna Dance” and “Just Fall In Love”

Catfish Live Video
New Sound Clip


Past Projects

Recording and Video Projects
Acoustic Jam Pulsar Productions Open House
Blue Northern Live Video Blue Northern (video)
Boger and Snipes Blood Red Moon - New Millenium
Chain Smokin Doobies Live at the Sports Page - Hard Rock
Chain Smokin Doobies Over and Over - A Higher Place
Destiny Original Rock
Eclectic Orchestra Live at Alma
Gary Snipes Master and Disciples - Sessions
God Speed Viva La Trance - Rev It Up
Karl Michel Jai Somay
KinnearKids Carol of the Bells
Murph and the Skid Marks How Many Times - Drunken Punk Music
Parker Dance Cell Block Tango (video)
Poetry in Motion Primer Lesson (video)
Eclectic Orchestra Sunrise Country Sunday (video)
Quintessential Winds The Pink Panther - Allegro Molto
Serious Business Blues Band Sample 1 - Sample 2
Serious Business Blues Band Sample 1
Snipes & Yon Love Just Walked In
Snipes / Ohman What a Day
Space Case Live Melancholy Rock
Gary Snipes the Celtic Sessions Ms. Katherine Brossman
Within - Heath Garrard & Ken Howard Stardust Origins - Black Clouds of Iniquity
WW3 Original Rock


Restoration Projects
Adelberts Shuffle Adelbert Sheffield Blues Band
Enrique & Friends Boulder Jazz Trio
Mel Stitzel Dixieland Jazz (1923 - 1925)
Million to One Original Rock
Osaris Jazz Fusion - Johannesburg, South Africa
Peace of Hope The Stake
Sarah Kaspar Live from Lebanon
Snipes Live: Apple Blossom Time Gary Snipes Live From
Manitou Mountain Music Festival
Steve & Sue Yon Christmas Peace
Swank Five Salt Lake City - Original Rock