Gary Snipes Eclectic Slight Returns

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Gary Snipes
Eclectic slight returns

I am thrilled to debut the newest release from the famed Gary Snips of the Eclectic Orchestra. Gary has remained busy writing and has continued recording in his home studio since the epic KinnearKreations 'I Wonder' release. He has produced his own disc of new material in 2012 with many contributors like long standing fellow band mate Randy Mummert on saxophone and lap steel guitar and also featuring Ken Howard on drums who has stuck with Gary since the early Eclectic Orchestra recordings many years ago.

The first song 'Relax' is a sequel to the enormously popular 'Lounging Around' the opening number from the 'I Wonder' disc. The second song is a moody melody named 'Soldier's Widow'.

On the 3rd track he has paired up with vocalist extraordinaire Mrs.? on the song 'We Just Want To Dance' who has sang with Gary for nearly 20 years now. It is wonderful to finally have her on a released recording.

Please join me in welcoming Gary back to the public spotlight with these first few offerings from his new project. The entire disc contains the usual expected eclectic mix of everything from blues and rock to these lavishly layered instrumentals.

Scott A Kinnear

"Final Battle" by Gary Snipes

Gary Snipes, Eclectic Slight Returns