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Drum solo by Ken Howard and Drawohnek
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Design Stedding Video Lab:
Adam Thompson

Camera Crew:
Ricardo Elizalde, Terry McCray, Arturo Shakey

Graphics Department :
Tim Acheson, Jon Laflo, Rick Nobles, Adam Thompson, Corina Kinnear

Digital Video Cameras:
Cannon GL2, 2 matching Panasonic PLDV53



Colfax Avenue
Eclectic Orchestra live video from Festival in the Clouds
Live Video Performance (video, 14.3MB)

Eclectic Orchestra I Wonder CD
I Wonder World Wide Release

Scott A Kinnear
KinnearKreations audio productions and promotions

Below: Before (left side) and after (right side) graphics from the I Wonder CD booklet. Malabika Goldar originals followed by the finishing labs transformed graphics used on the Eclectic Orchestra's CD project.

"The Dance" original art

Back Cover CD graphics

"Go West Young Man" original art

Songlist Page from CD graphics

"Those Were the Days" original art

Eclectic band member list from CD graphics

"Invited Few" original art

Equipment list from CD graphics