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Tin Roof Blues
Tin Roof Blues the song that is playing was recorded in 1923. It has been restored by Tim Acheson of Sounds Great Finishing Lab and Enlightened Vinyl.  The song was composed by Mel Stitzel, my grandfather, who is also playing piano on this recording accompanied by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings.  - Scott A Kinnear

The Mel Stitzel Catalog
( Early Dixieland Jazz 1920 -1923 )
- The Bucktown Five
- The Stomp Six
- Muggsy Spanner
- George Brunis
- Benny Goodman
- New Orleans Rhythm Kings
- Les Brown and his
  Band of Renown ( 1954 )
  With Johnny Mercer

Benny Goodman ( 1923 )
- Pre-contract recordings
- Now in Progress

John Williams Guitar Concerto's
( 1970 )
Rodrego & Concerto D Aranjuez
Classical Guitar with Orchestration
Conducted by Eugene Ormandy
Original Capital Recording

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