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Gary Snipes 08 promo photo shoot from solo Works project.


The Spirit

Early demo version of"The Spirit" by Gary Snipes with Randy Mummert on Peddle Steel Guitar.








The Deciders

The Deciders
The Deciders


Mike and Randy

Mike and Randy


Mike on Drums
Mike on drums



The pictures are from the Narcotics Anonymous yearly Jubilee show. This was a sort of coming out performance to test new material.

The new eclectic performance band named "The Deciders", consisting of many Eclectic Orchestra players, performed 2 vamped up Gary Snipes songs from the CD "I Wonder" as well as a scorching version of Mark Boger's hit "Blood Red Moon", and brought the house down with Randy Mumert's rocking funky signature hit song "She Took All of My Money".

The show was outstanding and very well received. It was a truly inspired performance that really rocked the packed house of recovering addicts.

We will be seeing more from "The Deciders" as we approach their World Arena gig later this summer.



Gary and Robbie

Gary and Robbie


Mike, Mark, and Randy
Mike, Mark, and Randy


10 Nov. 2007, 8:00 PM - The Deciders
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Cost: Donation
Description: KRCC fund raiser drive Colorado College National Public Radio (NPR) Vintage Voltage retro rock show. GoGo dancers and light show. The Deciders will play a benefit concert for NPR featuring Gary Snipes, Mark Boger, and Randy Mummert.
Deciders Library Poster (PDF)







The Library Gig

The Deciders were recently asked by the Douglas County Library to kick off their Local Live Music Series due to the enormous response from Gary's donation of his Eclectic Orchestra CD I Wonder.

The show was a huge success featuring the songwriting of Gary Snipes, Randy Mumert and Mark Boger. Gary was joined by his original vocalist from the CD Whitney Ohman for a first time ever live performance. This acoustic show really highlighted the personalities of each singer / songwriter's versatility as storytellers and guitarists.

Robbie Osborn and Michael Salkind held the steady drive of the rhythm section throughout the well received show.








Eclectic & Serious Business




Gary Snipes joined Eclectic Orchestra band mate Shelton Smith and his group The Serious Business Blues Band for a set at the Colorado Springs State Correctional Facility recently. The show was filmed and very well received. No one feels the blues like a captive audience. A short film clip coming soon.