Gee I'm Baroque

From the Doug Wells Morningstar sessions
Featuring Gary Snipes on Guitar and Larry Snipes on Bass

All composing, arranging, and rough takes are done at Pulsar Productions Gary Snipes & Scott Kinnear.

All orchestration is created as MIDI tracks, demo tracks are layered for consideration prior to recording sessions. Then musicians are brought in to replace the MIDI tracks with real orchestration.



The recording process is completed at Morningstar Recording
Owned and operated by Doug Wells, Chief Engineer
Production Engineer Tim Acheson
Assistant Engineer Denis Hynds

The Morningstar Recording Studio is a full service, state of the art facility with over 25 years of experience in professional audio production with high-end processing utilizing vintage European digital/tube equipment.





Editing and Mastering are finalized at the Sounds Great Studio finishing lab under the direction of Tim Acheson and KinnearKreations.

Tim is a relentless auditory perfectionist, and a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree from Full Sail School of Recording Arts in Winter Park, Florida. His mixes are immaculate. Other projects Tim has engineered are: Oakhurst, Fen Hollen , Garden of Gant, Debbie Lyons, and Father Apostolos.

All graphic finalization was completed at the Sounds Great finishing lab.