I Wonder CD Song Descriptions

A sonic document of the life of Gary Snipes

Lounging Around
A pristine recording captured with exceptional precision, this melody is unforgettable.

Circle of Life
A melodic round of multiple Guitars
Building with mathematic precision
returning where it began

With a wonderfully fluid sax riff, this song is conjuring up mystical wisdom
driven by captivating rhythm
hexed with a reggae beat
and a highly infectious hook
You've got to believe in magic

River Song
A Shelton Smith composition speaking
of one's inner flowing destiny.

It Don't Matter
(video link)
At one time performed
only as a studio vocal warm up.
This bluesy number was featured
on the live video included on the CD.

Gee I'm Baroque
A three part instrumental starting
in the key of G, ending in a lovely
Baroque ditty featuring Gary's son Larry on Bass.

Colfax Avenue
Walking through life with an urban backdrop
Observations and inclinations
So you think I'm slow, well at least I'm free

What a Day
Featuring Whitney Ohman's
tender vocal presentation.
This spectacular acoustic journey
drifts in and out of orchestration.

Love Will
With a dream scape intro and reprise
this surrealistic fantasy of woven vocal interplay
drifts off into symphonic realms

industrial country
A classic rock and roll steam hammer
of a lament to the fleeting hours
of the work a day world

This was really just the outtakes
from the song Lounging Around.
Taking the lemons to make something sweet.

A hard driving rocker about
the reality of how life can mimic television.

Fat Tire
(video link)
a mountain bike race anthem
A high-speed solo acoustic assault
on a downhill journey
over the single track path of
mountain bike racing

I Wonder
The Ballad of Gary and Martha
A folk rap ballad
Sometime I wonder about us
The way we get around and never falling down
and when we do we're right up.
Wisdom from a lifetime of love and adventure put to verse.

Sunrise Country Sunday
(video link)
You are ushered in with a church organ
and bells from the steeple tower
A heavenly melody builds to an angelic choir
ending with a little divine intervention
on violin