About the Art


Malabika Goldar


Ms. Katherine Brossman

Mrs Katherine Brossman from the Gary Snipes Celtic Sessions


The Eclectic fellows art design series
is the concept of Malabika Goldar.

Malabika Goldar was born in New Delhi, India,
and now resides in La Madera, New Mexico.

Malabika received her Bachelor of Art
Degree from The New Delhi College of Art.
She has Double Masters Degrees from
The London Royal College of Art as well as
The University of Santiniketan India.

Several pieces of the Eclectic Fellows series,
as well as many other great prints, are still
available on request through direct contact
on the Email Contacts page.

Malabika is prominently featured in the 2004
release of the Allan Smith book
Etching: “A Guide To Traditional Techniques”

available through the British Library
by the Crowood Press.

Malabika is currently completing three
new 2008 editions of the Eclectic Fellows
series coming soon to this page.